Eugene Kolesov
As a director, cinematographer, editor, and VFX master.
I bring six years of experience and a portfolio of over 100 completed projects.
Welcome to my website!
My expertise lies in crafting elegant videos for business and social media, ensuring each frame captures cinematic quality through skillful manipulation of light, environment, and performance.
Revealing three different qualities of the FLUIDFORM™ hero technology
In this video series made by Ecco — the company building the future of footwear
Everart Weekend 2022 | Manifesto
Teaser for the opening of the art festival
The World's Most Spectacular Culinary Line Up of Chefs Returns with an all-new season of Culinary Month.
A place where the stunning views are only matched by an unparalleled lifestyle enjoyed by those who revel in luxury.
Presentation of the Christmas stand at Dubai Mall